May 03, 2003
Architecture and music

I've used my blogging time today to comment on this at 2Blowhards, here, here, and here. In particular, I have been recommending this article.

Meanwhile I have been listening to another favourite piece of music. Dvorak's Piano Concerto is liked by me a whole lot more than it seems to be admired by the classical music world generally. My favourite recording of this is the first one by Rudolf Firkusny on the Westminster label, almost certainly because this was the version I got to know it with. There's a greatly admired recording also on EMI by Richter. (He's accompanied by that famous under-achiever Carlos Kleiber, who can do no wrong in the opinion of most reviewers. So why doesn't he make more recordings then? Wanker. And something equivalent also goes for Martha Argerich, who is fast becoming one of classical music's most over-rated phenomena. She refuses to make solo piano recordings because she reckons music making is about teamwork not egoism. She has no problem with doing piano concertos, though, which are not egotistical at all. Or something. Maybe she just gets lonely. Silly woman. Or maybe one of her husbands has dosed her with a version of socialism that forbids solo piano recordings. Whatever. But I digress.)

Other pieces by great composers which deserve to be better known than they seem to be:

J. S. Bach: Cantata BWV 30. I especially recommend the recording of this on an Erato two-for-one set by Fritz Werner, where the opening and closing chorus (same thing) is a wonder to hear.

W. A. Mozart: Divertimento No. 11 in D Major, K 251. I have yet to hear a recording of this I didn't enjoy. I especially love the Menuetto (Tema con Variazioni).

That'll have to do for today.

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