May 07, 2003
Titus on telly – and thence to France

I have to get to Stansted airport tomorrow morning, and thence to Southern France for a week. It is midnight, and I have yet to pack, so what am I doing? Why, I'm watching television of course. I've been ambushed by a film version of Titus Andronnicus, a Shakespeare character whom I do not even know with any confidence how to spell, let alone tell you the fate of. And it's terrific. Especially the music which is as sinful and jazzy and fascistic as you could ever hope for - with a touch of Lloyd Webber about it if I'm not mistaken, and none the worse for it.

Talk about sex and violence. It has it all. Should Shakespeare be banned?

I'm in France for a week, but it is not impossible that I will still be able to manage daily posts on cultural matters. The south of France is bursting with culture, and my hosts are computerised.

So, come here in hope, but not in certain expectation. (Listen to Shakespeare and soon you're talking it.)

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:32 PM
Category: Movies