June 06, 2003
City Comforts

Here's a quick first response to a blog that came to my attention via comment number four on this posting at Samizdata. Here's the permanent spiel at the top of City Comforts Blog:

Cities, architecture, the 'new urbanism,' real estate, urban design, land use law, landscape, transport etc etc from a mildly libertarian stance. Our response to problems of human settlement is not "better planning" and a bigger budget for local government. But alas, conservative and libertarian (not the same, to be sure) response to land use issues is barren and in denial. Our goal is to help foster a new perspective.

I love it.

In the very first posting I look at, there's a link to what David of City Comforts says is an interesting discussion about car parks at something called Tinotopia. Mr Tinotopia credits Patrick Crozier with asking about why car parks car parks are so ugly at Transport Blog, but I actually think it may have been me at Samizdata, although I was commenting about something Patrick had linked to about how politicians like trains but people prefer cars.

Whoever, I find all this linkage extremely encouraging. David (the City Comforts man), thanks for getting in touch, albeit in a roundabout (get it – a car reference – a type of road junction – oh never mind) way.

I am going to do a lot more rootling around both in City Comforts and in Tinotopia.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 04:05 PM
Category: Architecture