July 14, 2003
Jennings on movies (again) – Jennings as a potential Brian's Culture Blogger – blogging as public emailing

I may or may not be going to a gathering of bloggers at the House of Commons this evening, so, if only not to have to worry about getting back in time to do something here before midnight, here's a quick link to another Michael Jennings movie piece, this time a dissection of the latest Hollywood mishandling of a comic-book theme.

One day soon, Jennings will get himself a paid job that is worthy of his considerable abilities. But, at this point, will he be able to sustain himself as a personal blogger?

I, meanwhile, may likewise become entwined with the real world in the months and years to come, and what may then become of my ability to blog daily? It is with this in mind that I am pondering trying to turn Brian's Culture Blog into a group effort (and ditto my Education Blog). Jennings might be worth asking.

The requirement's for fellow Brian's Culture Bloggers are: (1) You can in my opinion write well, (2) you are ideologically sympatico – I am doing this for political propaganda reasons, not just as a culture fan, (3) it would help if you didn't have identical cultural tastes to me, but that's not asking much. Jennings quite likes what he calls the "best" modern art, define pretty much in the way the official Modern Art art critics define best. This is not quite my attitude. So that's a plus. The advantage to Michael is that he could post here at will, but would not be burdened with the burden of having to post here everyday. Me ditto.

I know what you're thinking. Why couldn't he swallow me, instead of vice versa? Answer (one of many), because I use MovableType, and he uses that other thing. This way, he can become a completely MovableTypist, and can leave his blog as a Blogger archive. (Well, it's worth a try.)

And before anyone else says it, having a group blog named after someone called Brian is no problem, I've decided. After all Old Moore's Almanac is not entirely written by Old Moore. Alice's Restaurant, of the old hippy song fame, had other people eating in it besides Alice. ("You can get anything you want – at Alice's restaurant" as I recall.)

It's typical of me that I should send an email to Jennings in the form of a blog posting. I have not yet mentioned any of this to him face-to-face. But then again, I believe that blogging is all part of the breaking down of the private/public distinction. What's the worst he can say? No, get lost you fascist imperialist bastard. Big deal.

No doubt one day I will make something public that I really, really wish I hadn't. But it hasn't happened so far, and I'm over 50. My problem has never been getting people to stop prying, it has been getting people to pay attention.

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