July 23, 2003
St Pauls from Tate Modern - figures in bridgescape

A quota posting. Didn't have time to think of anything profound, so here's a fun photo from the Brian Collection.


What I like is that it isn't obvious straight away what's going on here. Suggested short answer: a lot.

St Pauls looks a bit dim, I know. It was either that or a very bright pink sky, and actually it wasn't pink at all. But my camera is a Grease 2 fan, especially when it is looking at a bright sky.

Luckily photography is not about accuracy; it is about the effect of light - as received by a camera - on a surface. You retina only gets involved after all that has happened.

I'm serious. What you see and what a camera registers are two entirely different things. Try it. See if I'm not right.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:25 PM
Category: Photography