July 12, 2003
This and that - Harry Potter, frogs, the Internet etc.

Such is the frequency of postings over at Samizdata that culture vultures (of the sort who care about such lowbrow things as Harry Potter) may have completely missed this piece, from as long ago as Thursday, by Andy Duncan about that amazing publishing phenomenon, and this time it's a less than reverent treatment. I'm guessing Andy has no kids whom HP has rescued from illiteracy.

Andy has just taken a brutal hammering at the hands of Politics, in the form of a long coment by him on this posting, in praise of the leader of Britain's Conservative Party saying that he'll lead Britain out of the EU, followed by this emphatic pronouncement from that same leader. So he needs some cheering up.

I'm off to what promises to be a most agreeable dinner. Two entire French speakers will be present, namely host and expert cook Antoine Clarke, and the Dissident Frogman, who is in London just now and whom I hope to entice into cleaning up the aesthetic mess that is this blog.


(I came across this picture, at this site, while googling for the DF.)

Although there'll be nothing else here today, I do touch loosely on matters cultural in this posting earlier today, again for Samizdata. It's about how the Internet changes the way people write and think and politick, by encouraging different, less localised coalitions of interest. Not original at all, but sometimes the stuff that seems most obvious to you (i.e. me) can be illuminating to others, so I stuck it up anyway.

UPDATE: And how about this for cultural impact?

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