August 19, 2003
Art and outrage – and Prince Harry

Jackie D of au currant has some art crit:

Modern artists the world over have spent the last couple of decades trying to push the envelope, coming up with ever more deliberately offensive works to the point where the world largely fails to notice anymore. Figure of Jesus Christ sculpted out of poo? Yawn. Two men and a donkey getting their freak on in an aquarium full of vomit and urine? Zzzz.

And then who should come along and produce works of art that result in honest to goodness controversy but Prince Harry. And with his art A-level submissions, no less. Aborigines are all pissed off, but as someone pointed out to me recently, Prince Harry's paintings aren't that different from the sort of prints one can easily buy at places in the mall like Pier One Imports.

One of Jackie D's commenters says read Tom Wolfe's The Painted Word, which I did a long time ago. It is the last word on the art/outrage syndrome, despite having been published nearly thirty years ago now.

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