August 03, 2003
Family photos and a blog service warning

Real photographers set up the shots they want and get them. I just snap away, and if I snap away enough, which is mostly to do with remembering to recharge the batteries a few hours before going wherever it is – that's the key variable, I sometimes get lucky. For some reason, if you recharge a rechargeable battery and then leave it for a few days, all the electricity dribbles out of it.

Anyway, I had another trawl through my personal pix, and found these snaps of my elder brother Peter, looking very weathered and Checkovian, on Christmas Day 2001 I think it was. He's a book dealer by trade. In fact it was he who got me my copy of this book.


That one, above, catches the kind of person I feel Peter to be, eccentric but not in any way hostile. I like that treescape in the background, which is also eccentric but not hostile. We were all indoors, but Pete was seated in front of one of those big suburban windows that stretches all across the room and backs onto a patio.


And that one is for if Pete ever decides to polish up his piano playing and make a CD of some piano sonatas. If that sells well, I have more pictures of Pete for the covers of follow-up issues of further piano pieces.

More seriously, what a profound difference all these family snaps make to our lives! I really treasure the old black and white relics from my nineteenth century ancestors, and I have let it be known that my family may do what they like with their furniture, but that if they die and let their photo albums get trashed, I'll kill them.

I also have a few good pictures of my mother. She was very coy about it. Maybe she thought that being willing to pose nicely for photos meant that she was a show-off or something. I had to put my camera down and give her a big speech about how posterity, at any rate the bit of it that we share, was really going to want to know what she really looked like. Now, assuming that my hard disc and back-up CDs don't let me down, it will. Assuming it cares. If not, the Internet probably has some communal ancestor dump where such unappreciated treasures may be deposited.

PS: I am about to have this blog transferred from wherever it is to wherever it's going. I'm being helped, as I think you can tell. I have clever friends and all should be well, but just in case this goes blank and unobtainable, or perhaps obtainable but with no additions, for three days or so, that will be what it is. I haven't been killed by someone taking exception to my views on Modern Art, or if I have, that was pure coincidence.

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