August 04, 2003
Not crap

Via the latest newsletter from I got to the guy who did this:


I really like the look of his site, with its regular clutches of four sketch excerpts. The one above is got to via the left hand end picture on 5/07/2003. And check out also the link to coloured stuff, just above that date.

Says he ("Crap Juggler"), of the big picture above:

I did this at work abd I think its one of better sketches, in fact I'm going to colour this one up and use it in my portfolio.

Even robots are allowed to be couch potatoes.

Indeed. And that would be "and" and "it's".

Tragically, and like so many sites nowadays, it looks like a blog, but it ain't. You can't link to individual postings. Tragic. He should contact these people and get himself properly sorted.

I'm not sure if the actual stuff itself, if I saw it in the paper, so to speak, would thrill me so much. But I love the way it all looks on a computer screen, with the cream background.

I've just found a bit which says copyright Richard Tingley. I guess that's his regular name, and I hope he doesn't mind me copying his picture to here.

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