August 28, 2003
The old London Bridge – another one with buildings

This interesting post of David Sucher's reminded me of a bridge that used to exist in London, a very long time ago, but which was badly burned in 1633, I've just discovered. Like the bridge over the freeway that David describes, London Bridge (no less) also had buildings on it.


I got this recreation of it, by Peter Jackson, from this site, where there are lots more pictures of this bridge, and of its successors, and of its proposed but unbuilt successors.

Adam Tinworth (whom I've already mentioned in this piece) links to the City Comforts piece, and also supplies this link, also to a thing about the old London Bridge.

Of course, there have to be shops next to the road in the middle of those buildings or for David it won't count. Without that, it's just starchitecture by some dead guys. Me, I love it either way.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 09:42 PM
Category: Architecture