September 10, 2003
Culture posting elsewhere

Well, I've had a busy blogging day, but not here. There must be a few people who read me here but nowhere else, but actually I've had quite a bit of a loosely cultural sort to say on Samizdata today, it just so happens. This posting, and this one, are both about the way that communications technology intersects with the way we live our lives.

The first is about the mismatch between written hand-outs from the minders of politicians about what their masters are about to do, and the mismatch that sometimes happens between this written account – often printed as accomplished fact by the newspapers – and what actually transpires. The fact that it is now getting ever easier to collect up and distribute (i.e. spill) the private beans and compare them with the clunky old printed record version of events all adds to the drama.

The second is about the relatively recent pestilence of phone calls from "direct marketers", to use the most polite phrase available.

And then I did a brief posting referring to the Saudi Arabian Barbie ban, and another one about oriental efforts to challenge Microsoft Windows.

All loosely describable as cultural. But then, most things are, if you are short of a culture posting.

If I was a stylish blogger like Michael Blowhard instead of the egomaniac that I am, this posting would link to other people's stuff, the way this posting does, for instance.

In among it, my music of choice (when the damn telephoners weren't interrupting me) included a fine disc of Mendelssohn string quartets by the Sorrell Quartet on Chandos. (£3 from Neil and his trolley in Lower Marsh, just the other side of Waterloo Station. Open from mid-morning until early afternoon. (Around half past two seems to be soon enough.)

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