September 27, 2003

Today I wandered around near where I live, taking photos with my new little camera. Some things I had in mind to photograph, like the new half finished Sainsbury's that is open on the ground floor but still under wraps from the third floor and upwards. Other pictures were serendipitous. A Rolls Royce decked out for a wedding, and eventually also the bride. An entirely accidental but very successful picture of the friend I was with, in the bottom right hand corner of one of the Sainsbury's photos.

And there was this, which is a Philippino Travel Agency:


The tile of this photograph is: Heaven on Earth.

My friend observed that one day I will photograph a violent crime being committed, but that I will only realise that I did this when I see the picture 100 percent size on my computer screen and see the evil deed being done. In my friend's version of this story, it's American college students here on holiday who take the picture, and Foul Play is only Suspected when they get back to the USA and show their holiday snaps on a big screen.

Here's the right hand upstairs window, original size:


I know, nothing untoward there. No Philippinos doing bad things there. But there could be. Ah, the secrets of the big city.

Was there not a very arty film made in the sixties starring David Hemmings and Vanessa Redgrave where this was the plot? Yes. Blow Up, it was called. And there are those scenes in Blade Runner where Harrison Ford subjects a photograph to successive enlargements and enhancements.

Enhancements I can't do. But my pictures are pretty huge and quite detailed to start with. (The camera says "3.2 megapixels" in proud red paint on the front.)

Now I'm watching TV, and its Law and Order. They're analysing a video recording of a gay party. Go here, enlarge, enhance, just like in Blade Runner.

It's in the culture, I tell you. How long before I too can do enhancement? I probably already can, did I but know it.

STOP PRESS: I could have seen this first, but I didn't, I truly didn't. Radio Times, tonight again, BBC1, Blow Out starring John Travolta:

Movie sound man Jack Terry records a car accident while working on a horror film, but suspects foul play. Widescreen.

Ah, "suspects foul play" again. It never loses its charm.

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