October 22, 2003
A publishing idea: The Twin Towers in the movies

Those Twin Towers. They were everywhere in the movies, I tell you. I'm watching X-Men, the original one, made in the year 2000, on TV. There's been an historical flashback bit, and seconds into the "and here we are back in the near future and in colour" bit … another sighting of the Twin Towers, in a big picture pinned up in a teenage bedroom.

Has anyone done a book about the Twin Towers in the Movies, itemising every shot of them in every movie that got general distribution, between the time when they were built and the time they were knocked own? Someone should.

My favourite book in this XXX-in-the-Movies genre was called "Cluck!" and was subtitled: "Chickens in the Movies". I can only remember one chicken of significance, which was the one chased by Rocky to improve his footwork, in the original and best Rocky movie.

I've just googled "Twin Towers in the movies". I got this feeble apology for a list. And I got this.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 09:49 PM
Category: ArchitectureMovies