October 30, 2003
Alice Bachini on the Great Modernist Paradise Revolution

Alice Bachini has been scratching about in her archives, and as a result I found myself reading this, again, about Modernist Architecture. It's terrific. Sample paragraph from near the end:

"However, the one thing that really did it for The Great Modernist Paradise Revolution was, bits of the buildings started falling down. This killed people. And when the wisdom of constructing blocks of flats out of plaster-of-Paris and old egg cartons began to be questioned by the normal folk at large, sadly and unjustly, even those architects who had used proper materials such as concrete were tarnished with the same brush by those idiotic general public morons without any understanding of Design Awards who don't know a Clean Line if its carrying its own mop and brush."

The inverted commas are there because this is an Alice send-up rewrite of a TV programme she'd just been watching.

One of the things anti-bloggists tell me is that blogs are here today and gone tomorrow. Electronic wrapping for virtual fish and chips. I don't agree. I think the archiving side of blogs makes it possible to pick out the diamonds from all the muck and shite, and put them in greatest hits lists, and generally treasure them for ever.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:28 AM
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