October 24, 2003
Cluttered Gherkin

A whole herd of hobby horses being ridden with this picture, which I took yesterday.


First, the glory of the Gherkin, this time seen from a distance. All else is mediocrity, in this, one of the many less grand parts of London, but the Gherkin shines out from afar as a pinnacle of excellence.

Second, the contrast between how the eye sees things and how the camera sees them, which as a camera-wielder I am starting to understand and make use of. My eye saw the Gherkin. My camera said: but the Gherkin isn't as big as this sign here, now is it? I did no cropping of this picture. That's exactly how it emerged from the Flashcard. I did not edit it to make my …

Third point, which is, as deliberately photographed, all the clutter in the foreground. On a recent TV show called Grumpy Old Men, shown last weekend on BBC2 TV, they had their GOMs complaining about the appalling number and incomprehensibility of the street signs and street barriers that now threaten to overwhelm every street and road in Britain. Matthew Parris was especially eloquent, as I recall. Well said.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:14 PM
Category: Architecture