October 26, 2003
Defensible space in the not-so-public sector

gchq.jpgLast week there was a little buzz in my part of the blogosphere about "defensible space", and about suburban cul-de-sacs as a better defence against plunderers than more easily accessible public spaces designed by collectivists who want to make community easier to do, but who forget what else is also made easier. You can plug into this debate by going to this Natalie Solent posting.

Meanwhile, here is proof that when the public sector really wants defensible space, it can contrive it with great definiteness. This is the new Government Communications Headquarters (known in Britain as GCHQ) building in Cheltenham. No chance of would-be intruders busting in on the not-so-public open space at the centre of this neighbourhood.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:49 PM
Category: Architecture