October 02, 2003
Testing testing

hahn2.jpgThis is a picture of the outstanding young violinist Hilary Hahn, partly because I think she is outstanding, but mainly because I'm trying to get text alongside a picture and not just above it or below it, and Hilary Hahn's picture seemed like a nice idea, what with her looking so good in it.

The hiatus in Hahn's website activity is presumably because she has recently switched from Sony Classical to Deutsche Grammophon, for whom she has recently recorded a CD of the two Bach violin concertos, the double violin concerto, and the violin and oboe concerto. I've not heard this, but have heard all her earlier Sony records, and all are excellent.

Michael Jennings suggested something, which eventually, after I had tried several different places to put it, worked. Definite progress. So far so good. But now I want to be able to insert a wider margin between the picture and the text at the side. Can that be done with simple html commands? Or do I have to modify the original picture and put a blank bit to the right of it? That seems rather clumsy, and surely there's a better way. And unless I am mistaken, and that's been known to happen with me and matters computational, there already a little tiny margin around the picture now. On the preview I've been looking at, the picture is a bit in from being entirely properly aligned. That's not good. That's not how pictures in blogs are supposed to be. They are supposed to be LINED UP.

Don't be surprised if this posting does strange things, like change a lot, and/or disappear. Comment if you like, but take nothing for granted.

UPDATE: Actually saying what you did, exactly, means that it is liable to happen again instead of say what you did, so I will just say that I tried what Alan said for the margin right thing, after a hiatus working out what the hell he'd said exactly, and it worked, just as I wanted it to.

For the benefit of Alice I put something along the lines of %&_)$+)marginrightoverabit^&*)andlinethepictureupontheleftyoumoronicmachine$^%&*)&*^. So try doing that.

Micklethwait's law of how hard computing is say: everything hard until you know - then everything easy.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:27 AM
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