October 23, 2003
Twin Towers in the movies update

Googling "Twin Towers in the movies" got me next to nothing, but I've just tried "Twin Towers" "Movies", and up came this, listing no less than eighty six movies in which the Twin Towers appear.

workgirl.jpgAll the ones I've been able to think of appear in this list, which gives me some confidence. If I'd not found, say, Family Man in the list, I'd have known at once that it was woefully incomplete, but there it is. Yesterday in my googlings I came across a picture of Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, with the Twin Towers in the background, but what I didn't realise until now was that the Twin Towers featured in the publicity poster. (The picture I found was simply a cropping of Melanie Griffith, with the Towers but without all the propaganda.) And there's Working Girl that is in the list also. Michael Jennings mentioned in a comment on yesterdays post that AI features the towers. And that's there too. So this list may well be pretty much complete.

Hollywood seems to have been rather baffled by the events of September 11th 2001. What is the appropriate response? Ignore? Do one of those multi-star epics about it all? Do stories "set" in the disaster, so to speak, with the disaster central to the story, but the story not being any explanation of the disaster? Do movies about people warning against terrorism and being ignored? So far there's been little response, other than a hasty shifting of the scenery for the first Spiderman movie, and such like.

But as this list of sightings of the Twin Towers in the movies shows, Hollywood was fascinated by these giant buildings while they stood. Hollywood was (and is) fascinated by New York, and New York was dominated by the Towers.

Speaking for myself, and I suspect for many others too, I loved those towers, but until those maniacs knocked them over, I didn't realise how much.

I still think that a coffee table book along these lines would be an excellent idea. But until today I didn't realise if anyone had even got to work on the subject, so maybe the book already exists too, and I just haven't heard about that either.

If it does exist, or if someone's working on it and it's due out soon, I'd buy it.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 08:27 PM
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