November 16, 2003
A grey view from a London bridge

This, just now, is one of my favourite London views. Partly, I guess, it's because it probably isn't a popular favourite. No Parliament, no Wheel, no Tower Bridge or Erotic Gherkin. Just a little clutch of blocks, with only the triple winged roofs of St George's Wharf lending any distinction. But the clouds helped, I think.


It was taken yesterday, looking up river from Vauxhall Bridge. Unlike some pictures here, it's a convenient shape for a blog posting.

That curious object that looks like a stealth ship is a stopping off point for the boats that now go up and down the river, this one being opposite the old Tate Gallery. You can go by boat from there, downstream, to the new Tate Gallery.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 04:30 PM
Category: Architecture