November 19, 2003
Men at work

So I had just had lunch with one of my fancy city friends, and I saw this cute little view of the Gherkin, towering over a cute little church. As often happens with photography sessions, the very first picture proved to be one of the best.

Later, though, I realised that something rather more interesting was happening, although I think this picture may have been taken before I realised what it was really of. There were actually men working on the top of the Gherkin! I don't know what they were doing, apart from mountaineering. Window cleaning? Essential maintenance? Anyway, fun picture, I hope you agree.

gherclok.jpg   ghermen1.jpg

Is this sufficiently cultural? Trouble is, I've now got a terrible cold and a headache, and a very busy tomorrow, so whether it is or not, it will have to do for today.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 09:55 PM
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