November 26, 2003
SpaceShipOne flies over a wind farm

SpaceShipOne is the gizmo that Dale Amon reports about on Samizdata, whenever it makes an advance, and I love it.

This picture is a thing of great beauty, I think:


What's fun about this is that it combines in one image two iconic technologies of our time, but two technologies which are worshipped by utterly different people. So where else but here would a picture that combines wind farming and space travelling get linked to? Well, wherever business people are trying to talk past entrenched political positions to get a simple "wow" response, from humans, I guess.

At first glance, the wind machines look small, the SpaceShipOne is only feet off the ground. But the Scaled Composites caption speaks of SpaceShipOne being "in the skies" over the Mojave, so I'm guessing looks are rather deceiving. How tall are those wind things?

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:21 AM
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