November 27, 2003
Turner surprise

I googled "Rembrandt" and I got here and was impressed by how good the Rembrandt reproductions seemed to be, and how numerous. So I sliced off the stuff at the end of the link, and got myself to here.

This blog being this blog, I tried this, but it was pictorially disappointing. I wanted oil paintings of ships and trains, but all there was was a bit of verbiage about the Italian Futurists.

So I went looking for J. M. W. Turner. He did a famous painting of a train, didn't he? Yes he did. But just below Rain, Steam and Speed, I found Sunrise with Sea Monsters. Sunrise with Sea Monsters?? By Turner? Apparently so.



And it's in the Tate Gallery, a walk away from me. I had no idea.

I thought I'd already seen the Turners at the Tate, and maybe I did see this painting, but didn't take it in.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 06:59 PM
Category: Painting