November 30, 2003
Workers of the world - hold that pose!

I must say, I do like this kind of thing. The USSR did fighting okay. And if it never managed to make industry work properly for real, except quite well during the war, it wasn't for want of wanting.


I think it is in St Petersburg. Wherever it is, nice sky. I got to it because the people who took this picture also took this one of a bridge, and I found the bridge, like the one below, here .

In the same series of pictures, just before the statues of these soldiers and workers, there's a statue of Lenin looking visionary and windswept. I hope plenty of these things survive. He was a total bastard, but those total bastard Bolsheviks sure knew how to bully painters and sculptors. The total bastard bolsheviks entirely deserve their places in history's dustbin, but I do hope that a decent number of their absurdly souped-up likenesses are spared.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 03:04 PM
Category: Sculpture