December 29, 2003
Gerald (Ratner) on line - the jewelry may be okay this time but the pictures are terrible

Gerald Ratner, famous for saying of one of his own products that it was "total crap", has, having long ago lost that job and that business, started a new online jewelry business.

I know and care very little about jewelry of this sort, but one thing does strike me about this website, which is what total crap the photos are. Unbelievably feeble and uninformative. A million and half hits per day, apparently, but how many of those hits will be one hit wonders, wondering why he doesn't use a better photographer? The likelihood that Mr Ratner knows things about his business which I don't is very high, but from where I sit, I don't get it.

Presumably the idea, if there is one, is that a site which loads reasonably quickly is more important than a site which tells you very much about the products. Nevertheless, it really looks to me like they overdid the loading-friendliness and underdid the informativeness with this stie. And anyway, nice pictures don't have to take for ever to load. And surely with jewelry, the way it looks, in detail, is the most important thing about it. I mean, guys in jewelry shops look at the stuff with magnifying glasses. No point in scrutinising these pictures.

Selling jewelry on the internet ought to work really well, but I can't believe that this is how to do it.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 10:53 AM
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