December 27, 2003
More reasons to love France

Over on Samizdata the only thing that got said yesterday was this:

"France is the best country in the world."

I'm très proud to report that it was said at my last Friday of the month soirée, chez moi, by a beautiful young French woman. When beautiful young women attend your events you know you are doing something right, and the abundant contribution made by France to this category of human is, it is universally agreed, one of the very greatest things about France.

France, because of its amazingly corrupt politics and blunderingly anti-American diplomacy, gets a lot of bashing on Samizdata, so this utterance was a pleasing corrective to all that, as were a lot of the comments, to which I contributed. One of my other guests heard it said, and immediately stuck it up. Le blogging, je t'aime.

Here are two more correctives, in the form of a very early Monet, Garden at Sainte-Adresse:


And a very late Monet which obviously appeals to me a lot, Houses of Parliament, London:


Experienced painters and inexperienced photographers share a fascination with the tricks played by light.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 10:21 PM
Category: Painting