December 21, 2003
Why the absence of style?

As you can see from Michael Jennings' report on Samizdata, I have finally got my hands on a copy of a book which should probably have been a founding text for this blog, namely Virginia Postrel's The Substance of Style.

The picture of me and Michael is particularly gruesome, is it not? And it raises the more serious question of why it is that geezers like me and Michael, who are not at all indifferent to matters aesthetic, are nevertheless content to attend social events and to be photographed at them, while contriving themselves to look like … well, invent your own put-down. Seriously, there really does seem to be a tendency for people to compartmentalise their aesthetic endeavours. The extreme case probably being the stereotypical artist, who paints genuinely beautiful paintings or makes genuinely beautiful sculptures, but whose home is a dirty shambles and who dresses like an ugly old tramp.

I toook quite a few pictures myself at that Samizdata do, but I think my new Canon A70 digital camera is wrongly adjusted for indoor stuff, indeed for anything which moves, even a little. Can anyone suggest which nob or setting I might need to twiddle? Once I get that right, there may be no more artistically blurry pictures to show off here, but there may be better pictures of people. Thanks for all the kind feedback about those pictures by the way, in the comments, last night, and in emails.

UPDATE: Oh dear.

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