January 16, 2004
Monkey meets ballerina

We all know that thing about a million monkeys banging away at a million typewriters, and the general opinion is that there wouldn't be much to show from such an exercise of any great literary value.

But the current global social experiment now well in hand of placing about a billion digital cameras in the hands of about a billion monkeys, of whom I am one, promises to yield much better results.

This monkey went a-snapping earlier in the week. I was after a footbridge that had been recommended to me, but the light was fading, and with fading light the camera seems to want to expose itself for longer and that blurs things. So results were mixed, that is to say useable, but I believe I can do better.

However the monkey got luckier, or so I think, with this ballerina statue. I even thought to get that window behind her in a sensible place.


I don't know what all those phone boxes are doing there. London now seems to sport such clutches, after what I recall as a decision to banish these things from our lives entirely, and replace with something more modern and bland and dull. That's how I remember it, but this could be all wrong. Anyway, I like how they look.

Statues are good. They stay still. And they don't suffer from red eye. On the other hand they are weird colours, and look best in sillouette, as this ballerina is, pretty much.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:08 PM
Category: Photography