January 12, 2004
More on Vicky Pollard: no but, yeah but, no but RABBASH!! – and why Google is gr8!!

On December 5th of last year I did a posting here about the sublime Vicky Pollard, the genius comic creation of genius comic Matt Lucas, the fat bald guy who plays a baby with the drum kit on that show with those two surreal comedians called I can't remember what at the moment, with all the celebrities, including that one from Iceland with the blond hair who had a fling with Sven G… with the England football manager.

Anyway, there's been a trickle of comments on that Vicky Pollard posting, at irregular intervals. Here they are.

On December 16th, Paul commented thus:

vicky rocks but yeah no yeah shut up!

Then silence over the Christmas period, followed on January 7th, by this, from rainbow:

yeah but no but yeah but no but theres this whole other thing wot you don't even no about so SHURRUP! u SHURRUP! and tasha ses ur gay but dont listen to er cos she smokes weed and she's pregnant with darren's baby so SHAP u!

A mere three days later, on January 10th, christine chimed in thus:

me and my friend are always sayin yer but no but deres dis ova thing u dont no bout yea and i wasnt even wid amber so i dont what ur talkin about yea but no but and we r always crakin up and i also like da man hu sez "im a ladyy me and u r alike becuz we r both ladys" and da man "yeeeees" ahahhahahahah little britian is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!

Followed just one day later on the 11th by this, from Dave:

Vicky has to be the best character on there. It must be so hard for Matt Lucas to play her, having to do all those takes in a scene, one after the other...the amount of breaks for a breather he must need!
Vicki though, I do luv her, shes so gr8!!!
"Doesn't matter ne way coz we got one of dese (sniffs pritt stick) Come on girls, lets gwo, dis place is RABBASH!" hehehe.

Well, well, well. Brian's Culture Blog does certainly seem to have struck a chord with Today's Youth. And thank you, all of you good young ladies and young gentlemen, if young you be, sincerely, for reproducing the patois of the sublime Vicky for the benefit of my less pop-culture-savvy readers, with their noses stuck in Shakespeare plays and their ears buzzing with Bruckner Symphonies.

Really, this is great. Sorry: gr8!! When people imitate the jokes of comedians in conversation it can be rather tedious, can't it? But when they do it in writing, I find my reaction to be quite different. The pleasure these young commenters feel along with me about Vicky and her extraordinary sayings and doings shines through, as does their joy in just what you can do with our alphabet and numerals when your teachers aren't looking.

But how did Youth keep learning about this posting? I found the answer to this puzzle when, googling for a better picture of Ms. Pollard, I discovered that my Pollard posting is NUMBER ONE on google, if you type in "Vicky Pollard". How about that!

Anyway, I will now try to find a better picture than I had up on the first posting. Is there now a Vicky Pollard Fan Club? There should be. … Bear with me.

I don't know how this works, but you could try it.

But no, couldn't find any good pics, or any fan club. ("Vicky Pollard Fan Club" did not match any documents.) But I did discover that two other Vicky Pollards exist, a gymnast, and somebody who works for the European Wind Energy Association. Bad luck, eh?

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