January 05, 2004
Snowflake photos

I tried various googlings in search of photographs, and the best one by far proved to be photographs. With that I got to these snowflake photos and in particular to Wilson A. Bentley, who seems to have been something of a snowflake photography pioneer.

Here's one of Bentley's pictures that I like:


What I find intriguing about this image is that it doesn't really look like a snowflake, perhaps because it is melting. Instead, it looks more like a manufactured structure, maybe some kind of plastic moulded object. Or even a biological object. If Mother Nature ever evolved wheels, maybe that's what they'd look like.

The same applies to many of the pictures in colour at the top, like this one for instance:


Again, it seems to be melting, Do snowflake photos always look like that? Surely not.

Here are some tips from these guys for if you want to photo snowflakes yourself.

That's if it ever snows in your part of the world.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:49 AM
Category: Photography