January 25, 2004
The Charles W. Cushman online photograph collection

If you like photos, and if you hate them you will have been avoiding this blog, then take a look at these, in colour, taken in 1940s and 50s Chicago. Thanks to David Sucher for the link.

Even more incredible, the Skyscraper.com man only shows a tiny few of them. The motherlode is, if I understand all this correctly, here.

There are pictures from all over the world, including 278 from London alone.

Looking at all the London photos, what they say to me is, don't just record the most magnificent buildings and great sights, photograph the god-awful waste land bombsite, total dump places, and the most hideously nothing buildings you can find, because they are the ones that will change.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 03:26 AM
Category: Photography