January 30, 2004
The joy of cropping

Blatant quota posting. Busy day, preparing for and then presiding over one of my Friday evenings. (Thanks Patrick, excellent.)

More snapping today, after doing some shopping. On the left, the original as it emerged from the camera. On the right, how I cropped it. Originally I was only going to show you the cropped one, and write lots of stuff in the space to the side of it, but then I would have had to write lots of stuff to fill up all the space to the side of it which defeats the point of a quota posting. Quota posts take no time at all to do.

girl2.jpg    girl1.jpg

The point of it is she looks like a film star, I would say. I love the way the yellow makes such a good background for her, and the way his face fits so nicely just in front of her hair.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:20 PM
Category: Photography