January 26, 2004
Thomas Jones in Italy – ancient and modern

Alice Bachini went, over the weekend, to see the Thomas Jones in Italy exhibition now on at the National Gallery. The plug for the exhibition offers this one tantalising image, A Wall in Naples, painted in about 1782.


Fascinating. Totally ancient in its style of painting, totally modern in its choice of subject. It's the pink and the blue at the top that is so weird and twentieth century looking.

With a name like "Thomas Jones", this is a hard man to learn about.

By the way if you are a lawyer for the National Gallery and you object to me publicising your exhibition like this and want me to remove the picture from this site, you have only to say. "All rights reserved" sounds like you'd be entitled and I'd owe you an apology which you would get at once. Plus maybe some ruminations on your salesmanship skills. Anyway, I hope that causes no problem.

UPDATE: By googling "Thomas Jones" "Wall in Naples" instead of just "Thomas Jones" (which got me all manner of irrelevant persons such as an NFL footballer) I found my way to this, which has much more on this man, and several more good pictures.

Interesting that the one the National Gallery chose to plug the exhibition was the most modern looking. The others are much more like regular oil painting type paintings.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 05:15 PM
Category: Painting