January 22, 2004
Why we billion monkeys have been right all along

Good story from the BBC laying out the reasons why people like me love digital cameras. The pros also did the old snap-snap-snap and then select the lucky ones routine, and now amateurs can be like that too. You can see it beforehand on a screen. You can fiddle about with it afterwards on your computer. All the basic arguments in other words. But this is news?

Thanks to the esteemed lady reader who emailed the link. She knows who she is.

UPDATE: I also found this at economist.com:

Last September, Daniel Carp, Kodak’s chief executive, unveiled a new strategy: the firm would no longer focus on the film and paper that have generated the bulk of its revenue and profit till now, but which are in sharp decline. Instead, Kodak would beef up its investment in digital photography, which has already helped it claim the number two slot in digital-camera sales in America (see chart). The dividend paid out on Kodak shares was slashed by 72% in order to help release some $3 billion to be spent on digital investment and acquisitions. The latest in a string of recent deals, announced on Thursday, is the $35m acquisition of the shares in Chinon Industries, a Japanese digital-camera firm, which Kodak did not already own.

That says it all. If Kodak, the archetypical photography-on-paper business, is going digital, that means the whole world is.

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