February 04, 2004
Another sexy bridge

Last November I posted a picture of the Coronado Bridge which, it was eventually established, is in San Diego. Gareth Rees commented on this thus:

The San Diego Coronado bridge reminds me of this beautiful cross-sea bridge in Macao.



It's the dip in the middle which makes it special. Also, that must make it a lot easier for the ships to know where they're going.

This bridge reminds me of some hills in the Mid-West of the USA which are called, I think, the "Tetons", which in French means … well, I'm sure you can guess, although at ground level I suppose that this impression wouldn't be so obvious. Well, maybe if, as in this picture, you view it from an angle ...

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 02:08 PM
Category: Design