February 07, 2004
Sliding doors

Anyone can now take great photos, if they take enough photos. A week or two ago I bought a 256MB Flash Card, which means I can snap-snap-snap away for half an hour and still have space for a hundred and fifty more snaps. Add that to the fact that batteries in digicams now last a decent length of time, and the only thing that now worries me is the size of my hard disc.

What still separates the pros from us Digital Monkeys is that they presumably know how to take the great photos they decide beforehand that they want to take, as well as just the great photos they just happen to take.

This is one I took today, by which I mean that I just happened to take it today. I didn't go looking for it, and I don't think I even saw it in its entirety before taking it. It just looked like something that might work. Marginal cost of going snap: zero. Ergo: snap.


I just shoved the camera against the glass screen that stops anyone from committing suicide by jumping into the Jubilee Line at Westminster Tube Station, and, like I said: snap.

All that is missing is a couple of Gwynneth Paltrows.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 10:53 PM
Category: Photography