February 10, 2004
The London page of SkyscraperPage.com

122Leadh.jpgThis is a memo from me to myself. Read along if you want, and the picture to the right gets explained eventually, but my main purpose with this posting is simply to have a way to get back to the London bit of SkyscraperPage.com and to freeze the knowledge of this page in my memory and archives. I've been rootling around for months looking for skyscrapers, but this is the first time I've come across this coherent list of what's high and what's nigh in the London skyscraping business, what's hatched and what's scratched. I don't understand why I missed it. Maybe I saw it, and then went from it to some skyscraper so dramatic and fascinating that I immediately forgot about how I got there. That is now a lot less likely to happen again.

I mean, what if I got to thinking, say, how much this proposed skyscraper looks like this bird?

What got me started was Chris Tame, to whom thanks, dropping by with a copy of today's Evening Standard, in which I came across this story. I got to SkyscraperPage.com when I googled "122 Leadenhall Street".

It's the work of Richard Rogers, whom I always confuse with Norman Foster. Maybe writing that down will help too.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:03 PM
Category: Architecture