February 27, 2004
The voluntary city in action

I want a copy of this book. (Thanks to this guy for the link.)

volcity.jpgBlurb quote:

The Voluntary City assembles a rich history and analysis of private, locally based provision of social services, urban infrastructure, and community governance. Such systems have offered superior education, transportation, housing, crime control, recreation, health care, and employment by being more effective, innovative, and responsive than those provided through special interest politics and bureaucracy.

However, although perfectly willing to pay for things, I have never mastered the art of purchasing things on the internet, one of the reasons being that a very good and dear friend of mine does this for me, so I've never needed to learn. Also, I've never been that brilliant at embedding urls (?) into emails. Plus, I want to share this email with the world.

You know who you are. Please get in touch, and tell me you are onto it. The paperback, please. Many thanks.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 05:11 PM
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