February 27, 2004
True colours?

tintmor1.jpgSo I was browsing through one of the art books my brother brought me the other day, and I liked the look of Vincenzo Morosini, painted by Tintoretto in about 1580. Here are two different versions of it. I like the colours of the one on the left, which I found here, but it is disappointingly small. And it's no use enlarging it. It would just end up looking electronically enlarged, and even less like the original painting, or any sort of painting, than it did before.

tintmor2.jpgThis, on the other hand, to my right, was more than big enough for my purposes, but the colours look all wrong. And if you look here which is the page of images thrown up by google when I typed in "Tintoretto" and "Morosini", you'll see that most of the pictures there are like this one, and in fact, if my guess is anything to go by, several of them probably are this one.

Until now, I would just pick out the least bad picture of what I wanted, and ignore the rest. But these pictures are really bad, and make me think of all kinds of questions.

Is most of the imagery on the internet of old oil paintings this tacky? Is the situation getting better? I'm guessing: yes, but only very gradually.

And: have I finally picked an unpopular painting out of an art book, and is that why the internet versions of it are so abysmal?

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 02:39 PM
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