February 11, 2004
Two nice London photos

I've been trawling through all my photos looking for transport stuff, either to put there, or to put here and link to from there, in the course of which I found these two photos, both river related which strike me as above average. Why waste them?

I could waffle away about what they signify and why they are so brilliant, but I waffled a lot yesterday, so I'll keep the waffle to a polite minimum and just stick them up and hope that at least some of you like them.

The first is of the Millenium Footbridge, looking up river:


And the second is of boring office blocks, unboringly lit by the evening sun, somewhere upstream of Westminster Bridge:


I love that sunlight on the building dark clouds behind thing. And the water emphasises just how sharp the contrast was.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:59 PM
Category: LondonPhotography