February 09, 2004
When buildings collide – to make a building

Jonathan Glancey of the Guardian reports on an amazing building designed by Imre Makovecz:

His most sensational new building is unquestionably the Stephenaeum, an auditorium and the cultural heart of the Pazmany Peter Catholic University of the Sacred Heart's faculty of humanities at Piliscsaba, some 20 km north of Budapest. The Makovecz design - and, yes, it is real - takes the form of two circular buildings, one adopted from the form of a traditional Magyar jurta (yurt), the other a Renaissance tempietto, crashing into one other. Here, it appears, are two opposite worlds, urban and rural, rational and romantic, national and international, trying to match and marry. It is also one of the most striking buildings on show in Hungarian Architecture Today: Modernist and Organic, an exhibition curated by the Hungarian-born British architect, Sandor Vaci, at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London.

The most informative website I could find about this bizarre building is this one, which is all in Hungarian but which has some great looking pictures.


Here is some information about the RIBA exhibition.

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