March 02, 2004
"Aesthetics matter"

Patrick Crozier, basically talking about safety, tangents interestingly into aesthetics, here.

… Last week I walked into a shop in Twickenham’s high street and bought myself a throw and two cushions. I could have spent that money on health insurance but I didn’t. Why not? Because aesthetics matter. They matter to me. Do the test for yourself. How much do you spend on clothes, CDs, pictures and soft furnishings? How much extra do you spend on cars, houses and stereos in order to get a better looking one? Plenty, I should think. Why? Because aesthetics matter. Because they matter to you. Remember, you could have spent that money on health insurance or a safer car/house/stereo. But you didn't. Why not? Because the marginal aesthetic benefit was more important to you than the marginal benefit to your health or personal safety.

Amen. Very Postrelian. But what is a "throw"?

Tangenting (a useful verb I think - it eliminates the need for the misleading, because suggestive of out-of-controlness, word "flying", as in: off at) myself, I think and have always thought that Patrick writes well. And I think he has a definite preference for short sentences, if this quote is anything to go by. I'm sure there's a connection.

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