March 17, 2004
Clinking glasses and learning more about my camera

This is a blatant quota post. I have been out and about all day, doing things, and then out all evening attending a sparkling dinner party, at which I sparkled, which is to say I drank some alcohol. So, I am under time pressure, and under alcohol pressure. Expect foolishness, and typographical and other kinds of errors.

I learned two things of a cultural nature today, one concerning alcohol, and the other rather duller. Start with the alcohol thing. Why do we drink each other's health by clinking our drink glasses together. Apparently the practice dates from the times in our past when guests were liable to be poisoned by their hosts with spiked drinks. When you "clinked" your glass with that of your guest you really banged into it, and fluids were exchanged between the two glasses, or tankards, or whatever. This ensured that you would drink a sip of anything you had arranged for your guest to drink. So the link between touching glasses and health is more intimate than I had realised.

Also, the French people present (there were French people present) said that when clinking glasses you must make eye contact. If you don't this means you are a shifty person. This is apparently a recent French fashion, and it is now de rigueur (sp?).

That could all be lies, and maybe they were pulling my leg, but I think it's an interesting clutch of information.

And the other thing I learned of a cultural nature today, I learned by mistake. I was out taking photos, and I had the camera set in the "view pictures already taken" mode. But I mistook it for "take another picture" mode and tried to zoom in on the scene I was photo-ing. And the camera promptly zoomed in on the picture I had already taken, and proved will to move the picture also from side to side, in accordance with encouragement from the arrow buttons. How about that! Well, I'm glad about this. I am learning new stuff about my Canon A70 every time I use it.

Also, I now remember, at the sparkling dinner party, one of the sparkly guests wanted to borrow the camera, and she switched it to movie making mode. Which I kind of knew I could do, but didn't really know know, if you know what I mean.

Good night and sleep well. No links in this posting. I sparkled way too much to attempt that.

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