March 05, 2004

evilchicken3.gifThe entire purpose of this posting was/is to see if this animated .gif file on the right would work. And so far it seems that it does.

I got it from, and I don't understand what it was doing there, other than that it was vaguely related to another graphic of the evil chicken coming out of a magic door. But there I was looking at it, and then when I moused over it up came that set of little pictures that usually mean you can copy it, so I copied it, to see if it would copy, and it copied. If you doubt me, you could copy it yourself, from here.

How do you set about creating something like that? Is it easy, or quite hard? Do you make lots of pictures and then pile them together into one file? How do you make it happen at the correct speed? Why did the evil chicken cross the road?

This file contains rather a lot of white space on its right side, doing nothing very much. I tried cropping it in Photoshop, but although the result was duly cropped, it was also immobilised. So that was no good. Is there any way I could have cropped it and kept the evil chicken moving? Can that be done in Photoshop, or would I need other (animation?) software?

One of the annoying things about Movable Type is that the "preview" function isn't. That is to say, you do not preview exactly what you will end up viewing in the final blog posting. That's no good. In particular, it means with an exercise like this that I can't do exactly the right amount of text to reach the bottom of this graphic and then stop. I have to do more than I really need, with some of it sticking across under the graphic, and I only get to see what I have actually done when it is posted.

Blogging is an art, but how can I practise my art in unsatisfactory working conditions of that sort?

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 03:03 AM
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