March 09, 2004
The flying motorbike from Oz

It's a funny old Internet. I went looking for pictures of the modernistical composer George Ligeti, and found my way also to this:


Yes, it's the Ligeti Stratos, which took to the air in late eighties Australia but never achieved economic lift-off. It makes it to Brian's Culture Blog because it looks so cute.


It was very small, and very light, and took off and landed in a very small space. It could even land by sprouting a parachute if it had to. Which it never did because it could also glide well.

It was a biplane with swept wings on the bottom and unswept wings on the top, joined together at their tips.

But, nobody wanted one, not even James Bond (unless Timothy Dalton did a turn in one and I missed it). Or, they never got to the point of being able to ask people if they wanted one.


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