April 21, 2004
A possible Moscow landmark (and further thoughts on the Shanghai bottle opener)

moscowtower.jpgComments that go "very beautiful picture" exclamation mark usually mean stupid attempts to interest me in penis enlargement and the like, but when I followed that exact comment (on this) I found my way via this interesting looking blog to this posting and thereby to this.

I love landmarks.

They have to be tall and distinctive, and to have somewhat unusual tops, which by the way means that the proposed new Shanghai tower featured in this posting here, which I there dismissed as a giant bottle opener, might prove to be a huge popular success. You are sweeping trash out of the streets of one of Shanghai's slummier slums, and you look up and there it is: Hey! The Bottle Opener! Although I suppose if that's your job, it might be: Oh God not again. The Bottle Opener. Someone take it down. But, on the whole, I think not. Also, if a 9/11 type terrorist tried to drive an airplane at it, he might go straight through it by mistake!

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:24 PM
Category: Architecture