April 06, 2004
Evening sun on it and dark clouds behind it

The dullest buildings come alive, for me, when the sun lights them up lighter than the sky behind them, and these buildings are not that dull. The big tower was not long ago given a makeover, and behind it, you can see the triple winged rooves of St George's Wharf.


On any day, this, the view as you look down Vauxhall Bridge Road and across the river, is one of my more favourite ones. When the Weather Gods join in with their special effects, the effects can be special indeed. Or so I think.

Although, if you're thinking that the actual photography could have been better, and that maybe one of those old fashioned non-digital ones might have done better, well, this time I agree.

Not that I would have got the picture with it, because I wouldn't have had it with me in the first place. The benefits of digicams are so much more than the mere techical satisfactoriness (or unsatisfactoriness) of the mere pictures. They are small. I can take five pictures of a view like this and pick the least worst. I don't have to faff about in a special room filled with evil smelling chemicals or pay fortunes to a chemist every time I want to actually look at my pictures. So if you like my pictures, and I really hope you do, it's digital or nothing.

The reactions of the analogue photographers to digital cameras remind me uncannily of the reactions of the black vinyl crowd when CDs first got into their magic stride, and this time the room for improvement in the digital product is so huge that soon it will all be over.

My next digicam will be the size of a credit card, cost £50, and be able to photograph the breasts of sunbathers in perfect focus from earth orbit.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 10:39 PM
Category: Photography