April 13, 2004
I photoed it - but what is it?

I took this photograph this afternoon in the general vicinity of Tate Modern, and it is definitely of some Art, because I saw a bit on TV about it arriving, presumably at Tate Modern. The person I was with told me who did it, but I didn't catch the name, and can't find any trace of it at the Tate Modern website.


Can anyone clarify?

You don't often get the chance to photograph Art, because galleries (understandably) don't take kindly to it. But this was just standing there, right next to a big floor to ceiling window, and just begging to be photoed. So I photoed. But what is it called and who is it by?

They look like underwater tentacles to me. And what they are (as opposed to what they're called and who they're by) is rather beautiful, to my eye.

UPDATE: My companion of yesterday tells me that it is by Ioan Nemtoi. I can't find this particular piece, but that is presumably because it is new work.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:44 PM
Category: Modern artPhotography