April 16, 2004
Photos about greatness and ungreatness

This afternoon I came across this vehicle.


Now I remember Solidarnosc as the Gallant Trade Union that did away with the USSR by making Poland impervious to Soviet Imperialism. Solidarnosc.co.uk? What could that be? Something heroic, I hoped. Something terrible I feared. I feared right. It's a porn site. Either that or it is a branch of Solidarnosc Poland that you have to be over 18 to learn about. How depressing.

No link from here. This is a family blog. Well no it's not, but anyway, no link.

So let me cheer you - myself anyway - up with another picture I took from almost the exact same place, which is a street called Lower Marsh, a regular haunt of mine because there is a guy there who sells second hand classical CDs from a market stall, and a regular indoors second hand classical CD shop called Grammex.

One of the things about London's big new landmarks is that, because London is not yet choc-a-block with big tall buildings or big things generally, when there is a great big thing in the vicinity, it towers over the surrounding muddle and confers distinction upon the otherwise undistinguished, thus:


I like this. I'm not saying this is a great picture, although please feel free to think so. I am saying that if you are actually there, it's a nice effect.

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