April 26, 2004
Testing testing

crowddetail.JPGOn the right, we have what is known as a thumbnail. But you probably knew that. And you probably also know that if you click on this "thumbnail" you get the whole thumb, in the form of another, much bigger picture, of which this little picture is but a small glimpse. The picture was chosen in some haste from the enormous picture pile on my hard disc. No doubt I could have chosen better, but the priority here was getting the procedure working properly, not aesthetics. It is of a crowd of tourists on the south side of the Thames, just downstream from Westminster Bridge. A little further downstream the London Wheel towers.

I have been taking Movable Type (and also Photoshop) lessons from the Dissident Frogman, who has been honouring my bit of the London blogosphere with his enlightening presence in recent weeks. Sometimes there is no substitute for face to face teaching and learning. My thanks to him, both for his wisdom, and for being willing to share it with me in my kitchen. It's one thing to see things working on someone else's computer. It is something else again to have it demonstrated, and then for you to learn it, on your own computer. So, merci beaucoup.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 04:40 PM
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