April 29, 2004
The Dissident Frogman's London

The Dissident Frogman (who designed this blog for me) has been in London, and taking photographs.

They're good. Lots of bridges.

Also houses:


I think he may have played some Photoshop tricks with that one, focussing the middle and blurring the house at the back. It ends up looking rather like a model. In a good way. He's giving me another Movable Type lesson soon, and he will throw in some more Photoshop, and that trick with the focussing in particular.

I also picked this house because of the bright colours. DF generally seems to prefer dark ones. His favourite colour seems to be dark sepia. But I like the bright yellow car, and the bus with Waterloo on it.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:15 PM
Category: Photography